Spinach Radiatori with Hazelnut Pesto

Featuring Ingredients From Circe's Garden, Forage & Farm, Wolfmoon Bakery



Serves 2+


Meal kit comes with 1 lb of spinach radiatori, 9oz of Oregon hazelnut pesto, Grana padano parmesan & roasted chopped hazelnuts for garnish.

Circe's Garden

We are a small farm in Tillamook on the North Oregon Coast. All our produce is grown naturally using no till methods. We work with...

Forage & Farm

Forage & Farm was born out of the forests of the Pacific Northwest, starting from family traditions and secret foraging locations passed down from generation...

Wolfmoon Bakery

WOLFMOON puts community benefit at the core of its purpose. Our focus is an organic, sustainable, and environmentally conscious effort to enrich the health and...