Our Story

Chantelle Hylton makes food for The Salmonberry with bounty grown and harvested by our community, in service of our vibrant North Coast food system.

North Coast Commons was started in March of 2020 as a way to provide our community with hard-to-source items like yeast and bread flour. As the year progressed, we found solace in the kitchen and in making food for friends we couldn’t hug – but we could warm their bellies and give them nourishment. In every dish you’ll find ingredients from several of our friends and something from our own harvest.

The Salmonberry re-opened May 21st, 2021 for outdoor dining with a menu heavy on pasta and our local seafood, guided by chef Charles Lutka who spent time in Michelin-starred restaurants including Marea and WD-50 in New York City and with Martin Berasategui in the Basque region of Spain. Now that the restaurant is open again, we’re re-focused on North Coast Commons as a project to help our fellow producers do more of what they love …

Meet our Team!

A part of our mission at North Coast Commons is to create stronger connections between people and place through food.  To do this, we have expanded our team to help work on the logistics of making it easier to find and buy local food.

In fall of 2021, we purchased our first delivery vehicle, and will be focused for the next several months on developing a courier delivery service to our family of local food producers.

Why is this important? So many of our farmer, rancher and fisher friends are small-scale, and because no local food distribution or delivery service yet exists in our region, producers have had to take on the time and costs of delivering their gorgeous products to customers.  Unfortunately, even though most producers cherish seeing their customers, this cycle of self-delivery costs them an enormous amount of time away from their farms or boats and what they love most – growing and harvesting local food for you!

Our crew is small but passionate about connecting more folks to the flavors of the North Coast.


Kristen Penner, Vision & Mission Fulfillment

A fierce land-lover, Kristen never anticipated that she would end up fishing for a living on the coast of Oregon!  After meeting one night at The Salmonberry’s community table, Kristen and Chantelle developed an instant friendship, inspired by a mutual love of good people, food and place, and their appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.  As a long-time advocate for the region’s local food and producers, Kristen is thrilled to be a part of the Commons team and help bring creative ideas around food to life.

David Hendrickson, Sales & Systems

Following his work as Assistant Winemaker/Swiss Army knife for a small winery and distributor in Portland, David moved to the North Coast to enjoy a life closer to the ocean. Since relocating to Wheeler, David has worked at The Salmonberry, started his own cider production business, and has driven countless hours up and down highway 101 selling and distributing quality, small production wines. David feels grateful to be working alongside so many great producers on the Oregon Coast who share the same passion for real, local food.

Brenda Vassau, Operations and Logistics

After spending over 20 years in Seattle, working in logistics and operations for corporate clients, it was time to get back to my family roots of farming and continuing to do my part, in the community, to help others access clean, healthy food.  At Low Tide Farms, we are honoring our animals, and the land, with great love, recognizing how fortunate we are to be in the Pacific Northwest with its abundant resources.  Our goal is to reach every person, regionally through good, local food, allowing relationships and communities to thrive.